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• surreal 2005 - 2008

Having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream, unreal, fantastic.

Experimenting with photomontage, a colorfull expression of "thoughts", my perception of human behavior, full of symbolism.


meta experienced

fotofest biennial 2008

Theme: transformation

Eight photomontages created just for this event, expressing a variety of concepts about "transformation" at the Art Car Museum, Houston, Texas.


• people marks

fotofest biennial 2010

Human ambients or wherever humans leave their mark.
This work represents a change in my format using panoramic photos, less color and photomontage. All photographies were taken from different places of the world: Mexican Caribbean, New York, Houston and Galveston, U.S.


Model: Elizabeth Stuart on "Hope" and "Scar". Thanks to Photographer Matt Adams (Houston, TX) for the cemetery shootings on “Paradox".


• the end of the world as we know it

fotofest biennial 2012

Based on the 2012 prophecies, anecdotes and sacarsm, I decided to create this collection for Fotofest, is a personal view of what could be a change of thinking on human race and also climate disorders all around the world.



fotofest biennial 2014

We live in a time of information excess, spread by the media that has created a market for images and cliches for our consumption and enjoyment.
Ego_digital_vanity intended to emphasize the use-abuse to which our subconscious is put on the "need" to present our image to others.
It is almost a humorous mirror that portrays us as consumers and slaves of ourselves, in a world where human values fade and are replaced by appearance without sense or content or depth.

The so called "selfitis" defined as "obsessive compulsive desire to take pictures of yourself and post them in the social media as a way to compensate for the lack of self-esteem and to fill a gap in privacy".


Models: Cat Schindler, Mary Tocco, Quynh Nguyen Tran, Daisy Barron, Rachel Levy, Ladyjesus Rumpelstiltskin.

Cat Schindler and Mary Tocco make up by Vonetta AbcBodyart Berry.

Ladyjesus Rumpelstiltskin Wardrobe and styling by Wolfon Wear.

about fotofest biennial

Is the first and longest-running international Biennial of photography and photo-related art in the U.S., is a platform for ideas.
FotoFest's well-known Biennial and related programs are known for their commitment to social issues and the presentation of important contemporary and historical art work that not widely shown by mainstream arts organizations.

FotoFest was founded in 1983 as an international, non-profit organization based in Houston, Texas. Over the past 20 years, FotoFest has curated or sponsored ground-breaking exhibitions on photo-related art from Latin America, China, Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, Korea, Japan, England, Germany, France, the Middle East and North Africa.
It has created presentations on Latino photography in the U.S., African American women artists, new talent from Texas and U.S. artists working with digital technologies. FotoFest's exhibition programs have addressed issues such as Water - The Global Crisis, Artists Responding to Violence, the Global Environment, the events of 9-ll, and Guantanamo. FotoFest's year-round school-based
education program, Literacy Through Photography, uses photography to stimulate visual literacy, writing and analytical thinking.