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Ezekiel Solis

Born in Mexico City, currently reside in Houston TX, USA.
Since very young I learned to draw, paint, play guitar and later compose music and lyrics for original songs.
I studied graphic design so I got a lot experience manipulating photography, with this knowledge I decided to work in my digital photo proposal.


The covers of rock albums of the 70's in particular those created by "Hypnosis" one of the most important art design agencies of those days.


My work has a strong indication of my devotion for psychoanalysis, surrealism, dreams, nature, metaphysics, women, pop art, feelings, yearnings, obsessions, wishes, pathologies, parody, introspection, loneliness, with an oneiric, sometimes sarcastic or even humorous touch, reflexive and analytical at the same time, about the complex world of the human nature, through my personal perspective of life and relationships.
My photography utilize different approaches for the comprehension of the psychological and metaphysical themes that are represented.





digital photography
No Photomontage.

digital photomontage
Without any relation I make a photographic composite to develop a new theme, doesn’s matter how many are required for this,
then manipulate them using Photoshop. All pictures are real, nothing is digitally created.
This is not a "collage", for me it is a new picture.